SDM   Seed-based d Mapping
formerly "Signed Differential Mapping"
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Batch processing

Batch processing

In order to avoid repetitive work, SDM software includes the possibility of easy batch processing, which consists in first saving the steps of an analysis, and then pressing one just button to repeat them. This can be very useful for saving the steps of preliminary analyses and just repeat them in the definitive analysis.

Note that alternatively you could create a script with your favourite language and call SDM. To call SDM, write the command after the sdm program, e.g.

./sdm pp gray_matter, 20, 1, gray_matter, 1

To batch process (graphical interface)

To save the steps, open the program, conduct the analyses (e.g. preprocessing, calculating, thresholding, extracting, etc), and press the button [Save batch].

To batch process press the button [Run Batch].

Please note that when you conduct any analysis, its command as well as a short comment are added to the 'SDM batch window'. You can edit this window by modifying, adding or removing commands and comments. Don't forget to press the button [Save batch]!

To batch process (console interface)

Enter the commands in a text file called 'sdm_batch.txt'.

To batch process select the option [Run Batch] in the Tools menu.